On the flight deck - Challenger 300

Contact information:

Ryan Ferguson, ATP/CFI

Mobile phone: (407) 920-7660

A complete copy of my current resume is available upon request.


Professional experience:

My professional background consists entirely of experience within the business/V.I.P. aviation sector, specifically aircraft management, pt. 91 flight ops, and working as an SIC and then captain on the flight line in managed fleet operations. I've also been the Chief Pilot and Aviation Department Manager of a multi-aircraft flight department. I am thrilled by the challenges of business aviation, many of which present themselves away from the flight deck.

I began my career flying the Merlin IIIB (SA-226T(B)), King Air 90, and King Air 200, as well as SIC on various light to mid-sized jets. I have been flying as a type-rated Hawkerjet captain since June, 2005. I have flown nearly every variant in the HS-125 Hawker series and love the aircraft for its versatility, cabin comfort and robust systems platform. In January of 2010 I earned my CE-510S type rating which allows me to fly the Cessna Citation Mustang with Single Pilot authorization, followed shortly thereafter by my Citation CE-525S type rating. In 2011 I began flying the Challenger 300 and have since accrued over 1400 hours experience in that aircraft. In 2016 I earned my G-V type rating and began flying the Gulfstream 450/550.

I've taken delivery of multiple jets from Cessna, Hawker, and Bombardier, and can assist you with the entire process, starting from delivery and continuing through Entry Into Service.

I've been fortunate enough to have plentiful exposure to worldwide operating experience - besides North America, I have many North Atlantic crossings, and have flown throughout Europe, Latin America, Central and South America.

I am also SIC-qualified in the Challenger 604, Citation II, III, VII; Beechjet 400A; and Dassault Falcon 10.

Rotorcraft: I am PIC-qualified in the Bell 206 Jetranger II/III as well as the Hughes OH-6A/500 series.

Flight instructor:

Prior to my entry into business aviation I worked as a full-time, dual-rated (helicopters and airplanes) flight instructor. As a CFI I specialized in advanced training such as ATP (Airline Transport Pilot), Cirrus transition, and stall/spin awareness. I also provided instruction for flight instructors seeking advanced ratings on their flight instructor certificates (multiengine, instrument, etc.) I am recognized by the FAA as a Gold Seal Flight Instructor, and proudly served as a FAASTeam (FAA Safety Team) representative in the Orlando, FL area from 2009 through 2012.

Certificates, ratings, and credentials:

FAA Airline Transport Pilot
G-V (Gulfstream 450/550) type rating (FlightSafety SAV 61.157 initial)
CL-30 (Challenger 300/350) type rating (Bombardier DFW initial - last 61.58 PIC recurrent FlightSafety ILG 07/16)
HS-125 type rating (CAE Simuflite initial - last 61.58 PIC recurrent FlightSafety ICT 04/15)
CE-510S Citation Mustang type rating (FlightSafety initial - 01/10)
Class 1 Medical - no restrictions
Gulfstream Enhanced Nav (FSI DFW)
Gulfstream RNP AR (FSI DFW)
FlightSafety General Emergency Training (FSI TEB)
MedAire + CPR (MedAire)
FlightSafety International Pro Card holder
D/RVSM (FlightSafety), Simuflite CRM & WX Radar Seminars
Current International Procedures: ATI DFW 11/2016

Commercial Pilot, ASEL-IA
Commercial Pilot, Rotorcraft-Helicopter, Instrument Helicopter
Certified Flight Instructor, ASE, AME, IA
Certified Flight Instructor, RH, IH
FAA Gold Seal Flight Instructor
Advanced Ground Instructor

Flight times:

Total time: 10500+ hours
Multi-engine hours: 8500+ hours
Turbojet hours: 7900+ hours
Turbojet PIC: 6750+ hours
HS-125 PIC: 4000+ hours
Turboprop PIC: 600+ hours

International experience
Many North Atlantic crossings
Central America, South America,
Caribbean, Europe
Restricted Radiotelephone Operator's Permit
Current, valid U.S. Passport
Cirrus CSIP

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