Ryan Ferguson Rates

Daily rates (USD):

Gulfstream 450/550 PIC/SIC: $1200/day
International: $1500

Challenger 300/350 PIC/SIC: $900/day
International: $1100

Hawker HS-125 (any Hawker) PIC/SIC: $850/day
International: $1000

Citation CE-525 (any 525 series Citation, including original CitationJet, CJ1 through CJ4 and M2, all variants, all avionics suites, all Plus ("+") models) PIC/SIC: $600-$700/day
International: $800-900/day

CE-510 Citation Mustang PIC: $600/day

CE-510 Citation Mustang mentoring/SOE removal/training: $1000/day

Any other turbojet SIC: $600/day

Any turboprop PIC or SIC: $500/day (if available)

Any piston twin/single: $400/day (if available)

Full crew: Need a full crew? Please inquire for rates.


Important: please be sure to separate trip expense reimbursements from 1099 earnings. These will be separated on your trip invoice. Please report these items correctly with your end-of-year accounting. Thank you!


Travel and layover days for your crew are considered chargeable days at the normal daily rate. All travel expenses, including but not limited to airfare, hotel, meals, airport parking, and line tips will be initially paid by me. I must be reimbursed in full for all such expenses immediately upon completion of the flight. A full accounting, along with scans of all receipts (originals available if requested in advance) and invoice will be provided to the client within 24 hours of trip completion. Expenses such as fuel, aircraft deicing, aircraft maintenance, ramp/hangar parking, and in-flight catering must be paid for by the client at the time such services are rendered. Individual exceptions to these policies may be made by written agreement prior to the first flight of the trip.

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