Citation Mustang mentoring
Citation Mustang mentoring

"Training with Ryan was a great experience. Obtaining a single pilot turbo-jet type rating is a very challenging and comprehensive task which involves a high level of personal dedication to achieve the required ATP requirements for the C510S type rating. Ryan is a very professional and patient instructor that covers all aspects of the C510S Mustang training syllabus. After my training with Ryan I was 100% ready for my FAA type rating examination. I was confident and comfortable with the oral and flight portions of the examination. My examiner was greatly impressed with my knowledge and training level and I credit Ryan for this."

Dan Rogers
Cessna Mustang Services

The Cessna Citation Mustang is revolutionizing the owner-pilot segment of general aviation. Yes, you can own and fly your own single pilot jet! The Mustang makes it possible.

As a Citation Mustang Mentor/Instructor Pilot, I offer the following services:

  • Jet Introduction

    Safely transitioning into a single-pilot turbojet requires an ongoing commitment to safety, a high level of training, and experience. To that end, an excellent way to prepare for the challenge of your type training is experience in the actual jet!

    • 'Get your feet' wet before you take the plunge into jet ownership
    • 5, 10, and 15 hour curriculums
    • Training can occur before or after you take delivery of the aircraft
    • I can come to you!


  • Initial Type Rating

    Earn your initial type rating at your own pace and in your own aircraft. I have the curriculum, learning tools and experience to help you earn the CE-510S type rating. You'll be trained to meet the challenge of an FAA checkride to Airline Transport Pilot standards!

    • Get real-world experience while you train
    • FlightSafety-trained instructor
    • I work closely with a CE-510-authorized FAA Designated Pilot Examiner who will administer your checkride
    • Earn the rating at your location or mine!

  • Mentoring

    You're a type-rated Mustang pilot. Congratulations! Now what? A trusted mentor can make all the difference as you begin operating your Mustang for business and pleasure.

    • Increase your experience with a professional pilot mentor
    • Tackle the flight levels, congested airspace, high-density airports (TEB, ATL, LAX, etc.), convective weather, icing, and more... with no sweaty palms
    • Continue learning beyond the type rating
    • Learn G1000 power tips and advanced operating techniques
    • Remove your SOE limitation

Interested? Contact me today.


  • Recurrent training (FAR 61.58)

    Go beyond the everyday recurrent training experience and train with me, an experienced line captain with global operating experience. No 'checking the boxes' here; we'll meet the required FAA standards, but you'll also be exposed to professional operating techniques and 'power tips.' If you've ever wanted to fly like the pros, now you can.

    • Safely handle emergencies and abnormals
    • Out-of-the-ordinary approaches
    • Tighten up your hand-flying
    • Dive deeper into the Garmin G-1000
    • Understand performance and limitations
    • We can perform the training event at the location of your preference!

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